Meet our founder – Mr Law Cheok Maan, a lawyer by training and an idealistic educationalist by choice!

He is the brains behind the holistic and integrated learning centre which advocates inclusive learning for children, giving them the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Cheok Maan believes that the only way we can prepare our children to face the challenges of globalization is to teach them to respect and learn from various cultures of the world while at the same time continuing to develop, nurture and strengthen the unique potential inherent in every child. He believes we are responsible for nurturing our children to ensure that they turn out to be strong leaders of tomorrow. There is a need for collaborative effort involving all stakeholders – the government, the industry, parents, teachers and the community in order to achieve this.

He officially launched Tree Top House Preschool at Jalan U-Thant, Kuala Lumpur in 2011.  He continued to pursue his dream of an inclusive school with a difference where children with learning differences are able to study alongside their neurotypical counterparts within a safe and creative environment. This dream materialised with the opening of Tree Top International School in 2016.



We are a school with the community at heart.

Our purpose is to provide a holistic, nurturing and culturally-diverse community that inspires young people to realise their true potential. We believe in nurturing our students to become confident, independent learners as well as responsible global citizens with strong moral values and integrity.

This entails providing a balanced, well-rounded education within a challenging and nurturing environment for students and staff, while maintaining an authentic connection with parents and the broader community.


Nurturing every student to excel through unity in diversity.


To be:

  • A hub of trust and respect,
  • An environment for collaborative leadership,
  • An impactor of the local and global community of learners.



We highly value the formation of genuine and meaningful relationships within the TTIS community and the broader community we live in. We encourage students to connect in a safe and creative  environment with others who may be different from them, learning from one another, growing and thriving together as a community.


We train students to become independent and resilient while being mindful of personal areas of growth as they experience the joys and challenges in life.


We emphasise the importance of mastering real life skills and the desire to serve, collaborate and impact others in love. This process begins at school and at home, and will equip students to be contributing members of the broader community.